Who We Are

We are a refugee Colombian family now living in the United States. We are children and grandchildren of families who have grown up and lived in northern Colombia with a rich tradition of growing and enjoying the best coffee. Thus we are professionals in the art of true Colombian coffee.

Why We Do It

We have a great passion for coffee and for the people and history associated with the culture of coffee. Coffee has become a way of life for many Colombian families, including our own family. Cafeto Colombian Coffee support s the small coffee-growers in northern Colombia as well as the social action of Leadership & Development LIZWAN.
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About the Foundation

Leadership & Development LIZWAN is a non-profit organization that invests in the lives of the poor of Colombia through formal education, leadership development and people-to-people mission relationships. Ten percent of all Cafeto Colombian Coffee purchases support the social work of Leadership & Development LIZWAN..
Natural. Perfect. Original.

Experience the True Art of Colombian Coffee

With four different roasts to choose from, Cafeto Colombian coffee is the perfect blend for your home, the office or for events both big and small. Our coffee is something truly unique and memorable. It is an art, made with you in mind. Cafeto: it’s more than just coffee.